Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 3

  For centuries men have kept an appointment with Christmas. Christmas means fellowship, feasting, giving and receiving, a time of good cheer and the love of home. My family and I wish you and yours all this and more for the festive season. (2656)


Toon people

Collaboration – One simple method 8

In August of this year IDG contacted me to see if I would like to take part in the “Head to Head” I agreed and they sent me the following question:  Q: How are you as a CIO helping to drive conversation, collaboration and knowledge sharing both across your team, as well as the broader […]

The PC is one step away from extinction 14

For quite some time now, mobile devices have competed directly against PCs for market share across enterprises. But it’s no longer a fair fight, more of a total beating thanks to a market that is awash with innovative mobile devices perfect for corporate use. People are now questioning why they should have a PC at […]


InfoT-Social Media2

IT need’s to get social now 4

  Social media should be the primary way your business communicates with customers and staff for the foreseeable future. I went fishing with my son a few weeks ago after we got a hot tip from a mate about a great little spot. We caught loads of fish. I reeled in 11 salmon in under […]

Hazing the cloud 7

Over the past year I have had many conversations about the merits of cloud computing and to be honest it’s become rather tiring.  From sales pitches to latest developments from colleagues to mobile cloud apps it’s all been across my desk. I have heard many comments along the lines of: ‘the cloud is new and […]

Palms in the cloud


3 reasons why your seminar sucks 11

I attended a presentation or seminar for IT business leaders a little while ago, which was hosted by one of the larger IT reseller and solutions groups in Australia. The session started as usual, with introductions of the all-important cast and presentations from those cast members about the particular part of the sales operation they […]