Hi I’m Rod Byfield,

Ive spent over 20 years creating, motivating and supporting business initiatives in ICT. It is not just a job or career – it’s a passion.

Within those 20 years i have had the privilege of working in 3 countries, with the ability to travel and experience unique cultures at work and within my social environment.

The learnings have at times been fast and furious but, on the whole, completely enjoyable. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward. It is my hope to be able to share my learnings with those who wish to read them, and I’m sure many more as I continue on my work travels.

My wife and 3 children have all travelled with me and in many ways helped me work through the countries and cultures we have experienced.  I am a family motivated man with very clear views on the importance of my family. It needs to be said that they were a key factor to my survival at work and at home. Their support is all the motivation I need.

I have had the benefit of holding a number of influential roles that cover not only ICT management but also fiscal and operational business management around the world. This has given me a unique perspective to develop plans and strategies that not only accomplish ICT goals but also keep in mind the greater goals and objectives of the organisations I have had the privilege of working with.

A long way for a wayward rural kid originally from the small town of Kandos in central New South Wales, Australia. Nevertheless, as a rural country kid, I have always held the belief that given the right environment anyone can achieve.

Lastly, the opinions and ramblings you may read on my site are my own – Although I may discuss experiences and details that occurred while working, the thoughts are my own and not that of the business.