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Bob Davids talk on Leadership

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Leadership is about getting people to follow.

Some people think managing with ego or forcing on others their self important management style makes them a leader – I have never been able to connect with this type of outlook.

After watching Bob Davids talk on Leadership without ego – I was impressed and excited. So put your narcissism behind you and become the best leader you possibly can – without ego.

Summary of Ted talk:

Bob discusses his early years in “management” and how meeting Robert Townsend changed his views on leadership for life.

This quote on Bob’s website (http://www.bobdavids.com/) shows his approach to leadership is simple: “if you want to lead someone, you need to get behind them.  A leader should subordinate himself/herself to ‘the lowest man on the totem pole.’ Micro-management is to be avoided at all costs. It’s impossible to manage people; you can only lead people.”

You can manage time, quality or money – but you need to lead people

Bob speaks about his ‘mentor’ Robert Townsend a very successful corporate figure, who became a director of American Express and held tenure as the president of car rental company, Avis.  Robert’s book mocks many of the sacred cows that are found in corporate life.

The video below is testimony of his motivation to change leadership.

CLICK HERE if you cannot see the video=> Has to be 1 of the best leadership talks I have seen in quite a while!


If you want to lead or you’re in a position to lead – this is a talk that will get you on track.

NOTE: The book is Up the Organisation: How to Stop the Corporation from Stifling People and Strangling Profits. By Robert Towsend

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