Mobile App security the elephant in the room 10

In January, Apple announced App Store sales hit $10 billion for 2013. This number will surely grow this year as there are around half a million native iPad apps available on the site. Add Android apps available from other sites to the mix and the number becomes much higher. It’s clear that mobilisation is the […]


Mobile Application Development

Apps – the love/hate relationship. 12

In January of this year, Apple announced the App store had reached forty billion downloads, and that ten billion dollars was spent on IOS Apps in 2013. Three billion of the Apps were downloaded in December alone. You have to wonder how many of these Apps were developed just to jump on the bandwagon and […]

2013 Tech Wrap up 3

The Tech Exec Wrap up of 2013 in the ICT sector.     Social media becomes the norm: Social media is so widely accepted now that it’s a common forum for general chat between friends and family.  It’s no longer special “Do you even have a twitter account..” or remarkable to see that Bob the […]

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The PC is one step away from extinction 14

For quite some time now, mobile devices have competed directly against PCs for market share across enterprises. But it’s no longer a fair fight, more of a total beating thanks to a market that is awash with innovative mobile devices perfect for corporate use. People are now questioning why they should have a PC at […]

IT need’s to get social now 4

  Social media should be the primary way your business communicates with customers and staff for the foreseeable future. I went fishing with my son a few weeks ago after we got a hot tip from a mate about a great little spot. We caught loads of fish. I reeled in 11 salmon in under […]

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Palms in the cloud

Hazing the cloud 7

Over the past year I have had many conversations about the merits of cloud computing and to be honest it’s become rather tiring.  From sales pitches to latest developments from colleagues to mobile cloud apps it’s all been across my desk. I have heard many comments along the lines of: ‘the cloud is new and […]