Customer Disruption, its already here. 9

Your customers are holding all the cards, get used to it. For many years now, IT leaders have been successfully walking a tightrope – balancing their organisation’s expectations on one hand and the IT service capability on the other. Keeping the lights on and finding new ways to increase efficiency was the priority. In the […]

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Mobile App security the elephant in the room 10

In January, Apple announced App Store sales hit $10 billion for 2013. This number will surely grow this year as there are around half a million native iPad apps available on the site. Add Android apps available from other sites to the mix and the number becomes much higher. It’s clear that mobilisation is the […]

Apps – the love/hate relationship. 12

In January of this year, Apple announced the App store had reached forty billion downloads, and that ten billion dollars was spent on IOS Apps in 2013. Three billion of the Apps were downloaded in December alone. You have to wonder how many of these Apps were developed just to jump on the bandwagon and […]

Mobile Application Development


3 STEPS TO MASTERING YOUR JOB INTERVIEW – The non-recruiters version 33

 You’ve sent off a killer application and landed an interview for your dream job. Now comes the clincher – mastering the interview stage. It’s a new year and some of you will be checking the web for the latest advertised jobs and maybe even testing the water, others will have already made the decision and […]

Leadership without ego – a must view! 18

Bob Davids talk on Leadership Some people think managing with ego or forcing on others their self important management style makes them a leader – I have never been able to connect with this type of outlook. After watching Bob Davids talk on Leadership without ego – I was impressed and excited. So put your narcissism […]


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2013 Tech Wrap up 3

The Tech Exec Wrap up of 2013 in the ICT sector.     Social media becomes the norm: Social media is so widely accepted now that it’s a common forum for general chat between friends and family.  It’s no longer special “Do you even have a twitter account..” or remarkable to see that Bob the […]